Zainab Sanni on Story 4

Zainab Sanni on Story 4

Well, this isn’t exactly a story. In the month of March, I returned to full time online journalism with more focus on writing.

I am not sure for how long this is going to be a core focus but at the root of my desire to work in the media is an awareness of how communication can be used for development and social change.

The media without an iota of doubt sets agenda on discourse within the society. The factors that influence the issues that make it to the top of the agenda vary widely but with a conscious effort at solutions and development oriented conversation, the media can engineer needed political and social changes within the society.

This is what I hope to do with Journalism, so help me God. Here is a run of some of the news stories I have written since March:

The Lockdown has increased the incidences of gender based violence but the Nigerian Human Rights Commission and pro-women non-profit are doing something about it

Follow the money is helping Africans track COVID-19 donations

Did the COVID-19 Lockdown affect Climate Change?

Ogun, Lagos residents cry out over alleged robbery attacks

Nigerians think interstate lockdown cannot work

How the Police is helping Nigerians flout inter-state travel ban

Why many women do not get elected

Thank you for reading. Is there an issue you would me to take a look at or a project you think we could collaborate on? I am always a ‘Hello’ away on +2348119872865 or

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