Women #Havingthatconversation

Women #Havingthatconversation

On Saturday 13th July, 2019, 10 women came together to talk about business, career, health and life. They did all of this without digressing to talk about men, relationships and love. You won’t know how much of a feat this is, unless you are aware that just about every event where women gather to discuss issues pertaining to their growth always take a detour to touch on the subjects of men and love..

I actually set out to put together the hangout for just this reason. I wanted a whole day event where women would talk about everything and not once will ‘man’ come up in the conversations.

I also realized there were a lot of women, particularly young ladies out there with similar struggles like mine, striving to make their business work or to grow in the corporate world.

And guess what? We did it! To the nines. 10 ladies came together and it was all business. Event was over and nobody wanted to leave. No words can describe how I felt.

I felt you ladies. Slow and steady, we will get there. The secret is to keep grinding.

A special thanks to my facilitators Mary Ajayi, Esther Anthony and Bookey Bukola Olowolafe. You guys were amazing, you surpassed my expectations.

And to the Hangout gang, I throw my salute. Thank you foe throwing off all preferences, being willing to talk and making it all easy.

What more? Everything we ate had the input of everybody around and oh boy! Was there food? I had to recreate left over pancakes the next day sef😂

We are definitely doing this again, come October.

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